Computer Skills Class

The Three Rs Website Project

Fifth Graders-Use this Wiki to list some cool computer tricks that you know. Perhaps you know a cool keyboard shortcut or a time saving trick in Microsoft Word. Whatever your cool computer tips and tricks might, share them here. We'll show this Wiki to your teachers and parents to give them ideas on some cool tricks. Do your best with spelling and punctuation as others will be reading what your write!!

Computer Skills Shortcut Tips-follow the links below to read some of our suggested shortcut tips to consider when using the computer.
****B Day-1:00-1:45****
****C Day-1:00-1:45****
****E Day-11:45-12:30****
****F Day-11:45-12:30****
****F Day-1:00-1:45****

Practical Suggestions for editing a Wiki
Tips and suggestions on editing a Wiki

**What other things could we make a Wiki site for?**

**Digital Cameras-101**

**USB Drives-All you need to know!!**

**Choosing Good Passwords**-Tips

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